Susan Hoenig (an artist)

mixing paint

Are you fascinated by the pulchritude and message that art gives? If so, I have the link for you. My friend’s name is Susan Hoenig and she is an artist that sees the world with new and open eyes. Her stories are fascinating and truly breath taking. She works at the Arts Council of Princeton during the summer which I recently found out. She has her own website that you can check out if you are interested in reading about her thoughts and past experiences (below). She actually goes up to the mountainous areas near her home every Saturday morning to meet a biologist, and they put little bands around the wings of birds so that they can track where they go while migrating. Here is an interview with her…

Ecowild: When did you start banding birds?

Susan: I started in 2006.

Ecowild: When did you get interested in painting/drawing animals?

Susan: Well, I have always been interested. Actually, I took a trip to the Southwest and I saw many petroglyphs, then, I realized that older art had more of a connection with nature. After that trip, I began to work with more things found in nature.

Ecowild: Wow, intriguing! Did your personal animals at home have any influence in your art work?

Susan: Yes, definitely! When I took my dog for a walk, I loved observing all of the birds that were gathered around in the early morning. Those gave me a couple of new ideas.

Ecowild: Cool! Do you teach any other classes?

Susan: Yes, I teach a lot. I try to base all of them on ecology and nature. I hope that people will start to understand that nature is so beautiful and that we need to work together to keep it that way!

Ecowild: Awesome! Thank you so much for your time and thoughts, we look forward to hearing more about you and your passion for art 🙂

Susan Hoenig’s link to her website


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